Installing BILL on Linux using the Debian Package
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BILL Installation on Linux using the Debian Package
As an example we'll walk you through the installation of the BILL source onto a Debian Linux server using the BILL Debian package. This is the way to install BILL on your own Debian Linux system for the experienced developer/integrator. First time users should instead use the exchange4linux changeroot reference kit.
Installation Index
exchange4linux Dependencies
The components you need to run exchange4linux on your server
Debian Linux Base Installion
Installing the Debian Linux base system and accessories
Python 2.1 Installation
Installation of Python 2.1
PostgreSQL 7.x Installation
Installation of PostgreSQL 7.x
Installing the PyGreSQL Python interface
Installing the PyGreSQL Python interface for Python 2.1
Installing omniORB and omniORBpy
Installing the CORBA 2 ORB omniORB and omniORBpy for Python 2.1
Installing the exchange4linux Debian package
Installing the exchange4linux (BILL Open Workgroup Server) Debian package
Setting up the exchange4linux mail delivery
Setting up the exchange4linux Mail Delivery for users
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