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N&H; received more and more customer requests asking for a independent workgroup server solution running under LINUX, but using MS-Outook(TM) as the Client on the MS-Windows(TM) Desktop for use with shared calendars and task lists, etc, and not limited to e-mail. MS-Outlook(TM) uses a MAPI Service Provider to store workgroup data centrally in MS-Exchange(TM) database or other 3rd party messaging servers.

Based on this, N&H; decided to start an internal project that implements a storage server that can run on LINUX where different workgroup clients and other applications can exchange workgroup data.

BILL Open Workgroup Server is under the GNU public licence. BILL is also part of the exchange4linux (´ exchange for linux ´) project on sourceforge.net

NEW! The new exchange4linux 2.5.7 has been released. This version includes support for delegate access to other user's accounts based on private ACLs. Please check out the download page and the updated documentation area. Outlook 2003 support with IMAP for incoming mail. Enhanced PDA Sync support.

Exchange4linux is now available in an easy to install binary package that includes all necessary subsystems, such as postgresql, python, omniORB, etc (exchange4linux-all).

Binary packages are available for Debian 3.0 (woody), RedHat Enterprise Linux 3.0, and as source)

Dutch users can reach the Dutch version of the BILL Workgroup site at:


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